Welcome to Neesons #2 - Court Reporting

In our second instalment, with a look at Neesons over 21 years after inception, court reporting services are featured.

Court reporting doesn't look the same as it did over 21 years ago, when Neesons was first started.  We've moved from realtime court reporting with cables in the room, to wireless connections that can extend from the hearing room, to the war room, to the expert across the ocean and beyond.

What sets Neesons apart?  We lead, not follow.  We lead in innovative technological solutions.  We lead in the execution of skills and software with our court reporters.   And we lead in setting the standards of accuracy, efficiency and professionalism in the court reporting industry in Canada.

Kim Neeson, President, Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters, Realtime Systems Administrator, Certified Realtime Reporter, Registered Professional Reporter, and Certified Realtime Captioner, speaks to Neesons court reporting services and philosophy of excellence in this video segment.



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