Welcome to Neesons #3 - Realtime Captioning/CART

In this third instalment of Neesons' "state of the nation 2017" video series, realtime captioning/CART is highlighted.

Like so many things, realtime captioning/CART (Computer Access Realtime Reporting) has really progressed in the last 20+ years.  When Neesons first started providing realtime captioning, using an LCD projector with enhanced fonts was a really big deal.  There was little that could be changed back in those days, so if you wanted captioning in a room, you needed a good front seat!

Fast forward to today's platform, where technology has significantly impacted how our CART services are provided.  Whether on a large screen like the Jumbotron at the Rogers Centre, or on a client's iPad or handheld device, streaming realtime captioning for communication access has never been easier or more available in almost any location.

Rogers Centre Jumbotron.jpg

What's stayed the same is the service provider - the highly skilled shorthand reporter, who uses a shorthand machine, specialized software combined with very fast fingers and an excellent dictionary to take the spoken word and translate it into text, as fast as it is said.



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