Legit screen time at Neesons!

Over the last several years, there's been lots of talk of electronic discovery and trials.  As more judges and litigators go paperless, don't be left behind!  This blog will explore just how easy it is to get started.

What equipment is required?

Whether at discovery or trial, you're going to need to provide equipment for everyone. You'll need:

  • High quality monitors for the best viewing
  • Splitter box (this allows all monitors to be seeing the same thing)
  • Cables - either HDMI or serial, depending on your setup
  • Assortment of connector pieces that run from your laptop to the splitter box (for example, a Mac computer needs a different connector from a PC)
  • Your laptop loaded with your documents

How does the display work?


electronic screens 4 (2)-1


  • All monitors are connected to the splitter box
  • Your laptop is connected to the splitter box via HDMI cable
  • There is an ability to push your document screen up onto the viewing monitors, while having your own document open on your sharing laptop (allowing you to make notes and screen share)


Back of splitter b ox

 What software is required?

  • Super simple:  create a file folder on your laptop desktop, and drop-and-drag the documents you want to use into that folder for easy access
  • Database software like Relativity and Summation allow for documents to be exported to PDF
  • Use a software solution from Neeson, Exhibit Share by Veritext

Can we help?

At Neesons, technology is our expertise - not just in court reporting, but also in document display! Let us assist:

  • High quality monitors available for your discovery or trial - our location or yours
  • All the boxes, cables and connectors
  • Technical support
Neesons technical help
Contact Neesons to bring eDiscovery from the war room to the conference room!




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