Captioning for Post Production

Captioning for the hearing loss community is delivered in many formats, including streaming via the internet (remote captioning), onsite captioning (at meetings, events, etc.) and broadcast captioning (television).  But what about all those old movies, videos and visual recordings that happened way before captioning was even a thing?

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Post Production

Captioning provided after-the-fact is a service that meets the need for providing communication access on any type of digital media.  A captioner, viewing the media, takes down what is said and prepares a digital file with special formatting.  This formatted transcript is then put through a process whereby the text is embedded in sync with the audio and visual happenings, and voila, you have a captioned media!

Uses for Captioned Material

Not only does captioning provide those with a hearing loss communication access, voice-to-text services also aid many others such as:

Those for whom English is a second language

Persons with certain learning disabilities

Persons with cognitive deficiencies

Reinforcement of verbal and audio media for study purposes

Neesons Offers Post Production Captioning

As businesses, government and educational institutions rise to meet the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with a Disability Act (AODA), providing communication access for those with a hearing loss is moving to more platforms.  Neesons recognizes this need, and can offer after-the-fact captioning services for recorded webinars, movies, seminars, etc.  If it’s on digital media, we can help!

There are two ways to access our services.  The first is to have your event captioned and recorded at the same time, and the two processes can be married through our post production process and archived for later use.  The benefit here is you have live captioning at the same, with the ability to have the event archived with captioning for later access.  The second method is to provide us with your digital material; one of our captioners will then transcribe the material, and our post production department will embed the captioning onto the media.    Two scenarios – same result.

As the world of accessibility continues to evolve, we at Neesons stay abreast of technological changes to ensure our clients are accommodated as much as humanly possible.

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