Baby Steps to Electronic File Display from eDiscovery

Abandoning the work of eDiscovery at the boardroom door isn't necessary - nor is printing thousands of pages of production for discovery or trial. 


Neesons is offering shared-device facilities so lawyers can easily display electronic documents during trials, discoveries and other proceedings, says its founder and president Kim Neeson.


ediscovery document display.jpg

“It gives them the ability to share screens — it’s super simple,” she tells“I look at it as a baby step towards a paperless proceeding.”

Neeson, whose company is dedicated to using the latest technology to assist lawyers and others in the court process, says all it takes to use the system is the availability of digital documents such as a PDF.

“It’s really as easy as plugging in your laptop and showing documents,” she says.

No Expert Knowledge Required

“It doesn’t require any software or training with a new program. It's non-interactive, but it’s a way to get started in electronic documents without any extra knowledge whatsoever. It’s the perfect introduction.”

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