Advocates' Society - Women in Litigation Conference

Neesons sponsors the Women in Litigation Conference, October 2017

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One of Neesons' favourite events to be involved with is joining over 250 women who learn, network and create a powerful force; and this year's Women in Litigation conference was no less than amazing!  Highlights from the conference for us included meeting and speaking with women from all walks of litigation law, whether in-house, local or out of town, big firm or small, or sole practitioner.  The conference is made up of strong, information-intensive panels and presenters.  One of the big highlights of the day was hearing the keynote speaker, Marie Henein, give a strong, impassioned talk about the so-called "imposter syndrome" for women - and there's no doubt that Ms. Henein is no imposter; she's definitely the real deal.  It's so important, particularly for newer members of the litigation bar, to have role models who embody strength, confidence and empowerment; it's a message all women need to hear, and hear often.


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