Advance Planning for Court Reporting in Complex Trials

In an interview with AdvocateDaily, Kim Neeson, President of Neeson Court Reporting, discusses pre-planning for court reporting requirements in large, complex trials.

advance planning

Since the court only provides digital court reporting with no ability to provide realtime or rough draft services, where counsel and the court can avail themselves of the transcript immediately, arrangements can be made to retain qualified realtime court reporters to perform the role of the official keeper of the record.  

What are the advantages of this service?  

  • Immediate access to the record
  • Stream live to your war room
  • Search for key words and phrases
  • Prep for cross, submissions, motions, experts, witnesses
  • Prepare closings with summation of testimony as the trial continues

To read more about providing for court reporting services at your next trial, the article is available here.

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