Trial by iPad: Realtime transcription in Toronto courtrooms

This article recently appeared in Advocate Daily.

With Realtime, eDocuments and iPads, Paperless Trials Made Easy


It was standing room only at the 2016 Technology in Practice conference as Neesons Court Reporting president Kim Neeson spoke about the paperless trial and the best ways to make one a success, including best practices for edocuments and realtime transcription.

Joined by Chantelle Spagnola and Tanya Barbiero of Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP, Neeson pulled back the curtain on the future of electronic proceedings. The session touched on: innovative practices that will help lawyers prepare and execute matters more efficiently and cost-effectively; the importance of creating an effective and repeatable trial protocol; and how thumb drives and iPads can be invaluable, regardless of the software you have in place.

Technology in Practice, a two-day annual conference held recently and organized by Commonwealth Legal to focus on litigation technology and ediscovery, was attended by legal and IT professionals and experts from across Canada.

Neeson, a pioneer in realtime reporting and the provision of captioning (CART) services, and the person responsible for introducing the Exhibit Bridge electronic document system, highlighted the many reasons to move to a paperless trial, which include how an increasing number of documents are being produced in electronic format, using paperless documents can save time and money, and briefs can be prepared and updated in real-time.

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