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 Independent freelance court reporters can use social media to put themselves in front of firm owners in their area.  While this isn’t the same as traditional advertising, social media is a free way to make yourself known in your industry.  Here are some tips to building your own personal “brand” and getting positive attention of potential employers.

√             Create a professional LinkedIn page

This is the place where people can see your resume.  This is not the place for cute pics of your kids at the lake, or to add comments like "have a nice weekend!"  This is a serious business platform where you should highlight your experience, achievements and activities in your profession.  Do use a good picture of yourself - preferably dressed in business attire!  Both the picture and your words will be your message to the outside world with regard to your professional life.

√             Follow companies you are interested in engaging

Through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, “like” or “follow” court reporting firms and their owners.  Read their posts.  Comment intelligently on the content of their posts to demonstrate your knowledge or your interest.  Firm owners are almost always engaged when their posts are liked or reposted!  By commenting, you may also be able to create a conversation with the firm online.

√             Tweet and Post

Let’s say you’re going to write your RPR – let the world know!  And then if you are successful, definitely post your new credential.  Perhaps you did a really technical job today – tell the world of your competence in a way that is meaningful.  For example:  280 pages of a neurosurgeon’s testimony today – super fast, but I rose to the challenge.  Encourage others through your posts, such as new or student reporters; it shows you care about your profession.

√             Under no circumstances…

…should you rant and rave, post inappropriate pictures, or lash out on the web.  If you feel the need to do that, create a profile that can’t be connected to you, the professional.  Remember, nothing on the web is secret!


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